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Phoenix Automotive Tesla Style Android Radio and Navigation

Written By Ed on July 29, 2021 | 12:06:00 pm

Phoenix Automotive is a US based company that provides after market large screen automotive touchscreen displays that modernizes the look and feel of any car. They are an innovative company based
here in Los Angeles California, and for years they have been focusing on designing a Tesla Style touchscreen large (13") display for various automobile makes and models. We have actually had the opportunity to work with one specific for a 2008 Toyota Tundra. Not only that the installation was very simple and more like a plug and play, but it totally changed the look and feel of day to day operation such as using the Radio , Navigation, Climate Control, and more importantly the benefit of Android Auto and Apple Car Play.

We reached out to the company for support during the installation and their support team was amazing in helping us out during our installation process. They answered all our questions ahead of time which made the the installation process really simple.

Their product comes with 30 days worry free money back guarantee and 1 year standard warranty that covers manufacturing defects. They also offer extended warranty of 24 months and 36 months for an additional cost.

How does their product work? Essentially their smart design taps into existing wiring and harnesses of your vehicle. For some vehicles with the complex set up, minor modifications maybe needed, but for the most part, if you are somewhat handy in doing things yourself, you should not have any trouble installing the unit. But if you do, their awesome tech support is there to help.

Our review will focus on the following:


The design offered by Phoenix Automotive maybe specific to each car make and model, but in general you will find the touchscreen intuitive and very responsive.  The screen display is very sharp and crisp, the Tesla layout gives your car a luxurious look and feel. The system displays almost immediately.

Controlling Climate Control

A beautiful part of this 13.6" display screen is that it practically integrates with your car's climate control. Instead of having knobs to control your climate, now with a simple touch you can adjust temperature, air flow,  change the fan cycle, and much more.

Overall Rating and Recommendation

Not only installing one of these beautiful units in your car provides you with technological infotainment  with a simple touch of a finger, which dealerships and car manufacturers charge thousands of dollars for, but also you add a sense of luxury and value to your car. 

Overall based on our analysis and user reviews we rate this product functionality 9 out 10.

Here is a link to their website:

Phoenix Automotive


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