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Does Silk’n Flash and Go Hair Removal really Work (Flash&Go)

Written By Unknown on April 30, 2014 | 10:19:00 am

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By Arianna Vall 
Technical Staff Writer at TheTechDigit.Com
As a woman I always look for new gadgets that become available. Like other women I get skeptical of buying any new product that has not been fully reviewed or tested.  We usually wait for other people to review the new products and provide their feedback.   So what is Flash And Go hair removal device? According to the manufacturer, it is “an innovative light-based device for long term hair removal”. Does it really work? 

When I first bought this product from Amazon.com I was skeptical, and there weren’t that many useful reviews that I could have relied upon. Although I have a light skin complexion, I was still worried about the side effect and skin burn that this device might have caused. Of course the manufacturer states that this device has been fully tested and recommended by the dermatologists and surgeons, but I read the instructions carefully a few times before actually using the product.  I started with slow settings, and progressed quickly. After using the device for the first 4-8 weeks, I did not see any results, and I noticed some hairs grew back (2nd-3rd treatment).  I thought I had put $283.00 down the drain. Frustrated I kept trying and trying, and for me it wasn’t until the 10th week that I noticed less and less hair is growing back. In fact, the newly grown hairs were fragile and thin and spotty throughout my legs. After a long term treatment,  I must say this gadget did its magic on certain parts of the body, and I am happy.

I wish I had known about it sooner. With the proper usage, over time the treatment with this device will damage the follicle to the point that it slows re-growth. However your body will try to repair the follicle and cause the hair re-growth, and therefore treatment on a regular basis might be required to achieve the desired results. 

I believe this device works best on upper lips and chin area, or areas of the body where you have finer and less dense hair. Of course the experience will vary for each individual, but I noticed that using this device is less effective in removing fully the armpit hair (at least for me). But if you brace yourself for a long term treatment,  you will be able to achieve the desired results.
Below are a few points that I highly recommendation on how to apply this device, and hopefully this will result in a better and faster treatment for you.

  1. Always Start with a clean shaving of the skin and wait for a few hours before starting your treatment.
  2. Test this device on one section of your body. The device is equipped with a sensor to detect your skin reaction.  After the preliminary test, determine if you have any allergic reaction or adverse effects. My understanding is using this device on dark skin complexion might result in blisters and burns. Therefore, I highly recommend reading more about this product on the manufacturer's website http://www.silkn.com to ensure it works for your skin type.  If your test result yields success continue to next step.
  3. Progress quickly to high setting levels.  Please ensure you read the instruction manual fully and carefully in order to configure the device to proper and recommended settings.
  4. Create a regular treatment schedule for yourself(possibly two week intervals).
  5. It is true, patience is a virtue. Be persistent and patient and I believe you will see results in the long term after proper usage. If you don’t see immediate results, don’t get discouraged.
  6. If you have questions or issues contact their customer support. This information can be obtained from their website http://www.silkn.com/

In conclusion, I believe the Silk’n Flash and Go works if used properly. But don’t expect miracles, and you might not see results immediately or in the first few weeks. The results and experience will definitely vary for each individual, but if you read the instructions carefully and apply the product based on the manufacturer's recommendation, you will see the results in two months and more. One thing to mention is there are different types of Flash and Go products.

                                         Flash&Go and Flash&Go Luxx

Flash&Go – This product is equipped with 5,000 initial pulses and it requires refill cartridges.
Flash&Go Luxx – This is offered as a lifetime package with 120,000 pulses, where with no refill is required. But it is more expensive.  I recommend the Flash&Go Luxx, and in the long term this would be cheaper.

Final Thought:
After a year, I still use this product and I have seen good results. My legs are almost hair free. Still working on my armpits. This is cheaper and better than any laser treatment that I had done before. But in order to ensure this device is right for your skin, you must consult the manufacturer before purchasing this gadget. Also, it is best that you compare a few products, before purchasing one. Please see the review of Remington i-LIGHT products

Pros: This product works great after a long term treatment period.

Cons: (May) not work on darker skin complexions.
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