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Longo Lexus, The Dealership of Excellence!

Written By Ed on November 22, 2021 | 4:09:00 pm


Lexus is the luxury brand of Toyota Motor Corporation. Since its launch in 1989 the Lexus brand has become a symbol of Trust and Reliability among many Luxury Car Brands. Consumers love the name Lexus, a brand not only known  for its Luxury offering, but it is also respected for its reliability. From entry its level ES sedans and SUVs to a well equipped top of the line Luxury models such as  LX, IS, LS, and the sporty LC models, the Lexus name has become synonymous to  the words Luxury and Reliability.

In the United States the Crossover SUV RX models outsells any of its competition. You cannot drive a block without seeing the Lexus RX or ES. Consumers love the Lexus products, and each day consumers flock to Lexus dealerships to search for great deals and professional customer experience, and this is why we have chosen Longo Lexus as a Lexus dealership that will not only treat you with professionalism and respect, but their sales team will always leave you with the best customer service experience. 

Located at the heart of Los Angeles in the city of El Monte, Longo is one the top 5 largest Lexus dealerships in the world. We know buying a new car can be exciting, but the experience of sales process is also important to the consumers. We have come across many  Lexus dealerships that will offer a professional sales experience but the experience with Longo Lexus is in a different level. Their sales team and professionals go through rigorous training, and having an excellent customer experience is on the top of their list. From sales to finance the whole experience is really smooth with Longo Lexus.

Even during these post Covid times with severe car shortage, where many other dealerships try to upsell their cars over MSRP, Longo's commitment to its customers comes first. Consumers always do their homework about car dealerships in general, and this chip shortage issue will not last for ever. What will last for ever, however, is having the best customer experience specially when purchasing a new vehicle. This we know that no other dealership comes even close to same level of customer service as Longo Lexus. This is why Logo Lexus is our editor choice for best dealerships in the west coast.

To purchase or reserve your new Lexus please visit Longo Lexus at:

Longo Lexus

Phone: 626-539-2221

Ask for Anthony Nguyen who has been working at Longo Lexus for a number of years.

[email protected]


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