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New Corvette C8 Has Major Issues

Written By Ed on July 15, 2021 | 3:57:00 pm

GM Launched the new 8th generation Corvette C8 in 2019. The new C8 looks stunning with lots of features. It comes in 3 trims: 1LT,  2LT, and  3LT. All lineups are powered by a V8 engine which produces 495hp. When launched the look and feel of this car attracted many buyers, and orders started to pour in. As usual GM has quality control issues. These issues have been going on for many years and GM has been struggling to keep up with many issues with the C8.

On one hand, there are many buyers lined and have submitted purchase orders, to the point that GM cannot keep up with the demand (which is a good news for GM). On the other hand many who have gotten their C8, have been going back and forth to the dealership for repairs. These include some significant issues:

1. Transmission problems. Some owners have reported that their C8 is stuck and the transmission will not shift, and yet some people cannot put their car even in park.

3. Electrical pro

2. Engine value issues. Many have complained their engines have given up on them with only over 100 miles on the car.blems.

4. Fenders are not lined up properly. There are gaps in fender joints.

5. Water gets into the engine compartment

6. Paints chip. Apparently there is flaw with the way some screws are bolted on the body that it ships paints from the doors.

Yet, despite these issues people are lined to get their hand on this sleek looking supercar (if you call it that).

We hope that GM stops manufacturing until they address all these issues. We also hope that GM authorized dealership STOP gauging prices that are ridiculously over the sticker.  

In the meantime, we urge consumers to wait until GM addresses these issues. They should never pay a penny more to dealerships over the MSRP, or customers should boycott these dealerships.


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