Samsung's $699 Flagship Killer

Written By Naweed Masoud on January 04, 2021 | 4:09:00 pm

 Samsung has been one of the top competitors in terms of Smartphones. They constantly compete with the likes of Apple, One Plus, Huawei, and Google to put out the best smartphone of the year.

(Credit: Samsung)

However, this year is kind of confusing. Let me explain. Samsung just released a new midrange phone starting at 699$ and it is turning heads. The specs and features that you get on a phone for that price in this day and age are quite astonishing. It comes with a 6.5 AMOLED Inch Screen, 120hz, Gorilla Glass 3, the smallest hole punch camera of any Samsung Phone, Snapdragon 865, 6gb of Ram and 128 GB of Internal Storage with micro SD card support, a 4500 MaH battery, 12-mp wide and ultrawide angle camera plus an 8-mp telephoto, 5G support, 6 color choices and 3 generations of update support. That is a lot for just 699$.
(Credit: Samsung)

Now the confusing part, if you really look into it, this new phone can compete and perhaps even beats this year’s new Samsung Note 205G. Yes, you hear that right, the 699$ competes against a 999$ FLAGSHIP. While the Note 20 Ultra 5G is definitely the best flagship a person can right now, the cheaper version that Samsung released was a huge disappointment. It still has a 60hz screen, the haptic feedback on the pen is as good as it should be, it has a plastic back (which some don’t mind because you can put a case on it), and a 4300 MaH battery. For 699$ you do get 120hz(something that should be standard on a 999$ phone), although only 1080p resolution, a  better battery, expandable storage, more color choices, the same amount of base storage and the 5G version of the Fan Edition has the Snapdragon processor even in Europe, something that the Note 20 does not have. Not only does it compete with other Samsung phones, it competes with all of the flagship out right now. It begs the question of why did even release the Note 20 5G if they had this in their pocket. They received a lot of well earned criticism for the Note 20 5G. It is overpriced for the specs you get. Then they release this phone, which if you think about it, is a better financial option than any of the Note series. Yes the Note 20 Ultra is incredible, however it is $1300. The FE is almost half the price and it does almost anything the Note 20 Ultra can do. If you do not care for the S-Pen and 1080p resolution does not bother you, I would totally go for this phone. It gives you so much, for so little.


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