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Everything to know about the PS5

Written By Naweed Masoud on May 15, 2020 | 3:26:00 pm

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       2020 is certain to be a great year for console gamers. Both Microsoft and Sony will be releasing the new versions of their respective consoles. The PS5 is Sony's new console and it is building hype and people cannot wait for the release. This is all the news and specs we know about the PS5.

        The release date for the PS5, like the Xbox Series X is set to be around Holiday time. Even with all the events that are occuring, Sony says that there is no delay and that everything is set for the release to be on time. However, Sony is being very secretive about their console and have not revealed important information about the console like price, release date and even the design of the console. The CEO of Playstation did say, that there is a ton of news that is still to be released. He also states that the new console will have unique changes that will make the PS5 stand out to its predecessor. A lot of these changes have yet to be announced. The man who leaded the work on the PS4 said that the PS5 will be backwards compatible with the PS4, it will have 8k graphics and it will have its own CPU and GPU that AMD has made only for the PS5. From what we know, the PS5 and Xbox Series X seem to be quite similar, but we still have loads of info still to be announced. Another thing that has not been disclosed is the price, but there is rumors and speculation that the price of the console will be around 500$. Speaking of price, there is a report that claims that Sony is having trouble making the retail price low. When it comes to storage, the PS5 will have an 825GB SSD hard drive to make the price reasonable. In terms of performance, the PS5 will definitely be more powerful than the PS4 with the custom CPU and GPU, but Sony did show a comparison of the PS4 and PS5 loading up Marvel's Spider-Man and it showed incredible improvement. In the PS4 it took 8.10 seconds to load and in the PS5 the game loaded in 0.8 seconds.

(Image Credit: Sony)

       When it comes to the design, as we stated, Sony has not shown the official design of the console, but there is news about the controller. They are calling it the DualSense and it comes with a good amount of features. Haptic Feedback, Adaptive Triggers, Create Button(Similar to Share button) and a Mic on the controller. These are the biggest changes from the DualSense controller. Another thing that Sony has mentioned is the PS5 UI will be different than others. They want to make it more accessible and easier to use for streaming. Lastly, there is no news on what games will be released with the PS5 and no news on any exclusive games yet.

       This is everything we know when it comes to the PS5. It is exciting to keep up with both this and the Xbox Series X and there is no doubt that both consoles will be competeting against each other especially when both are planned to release around Holiday 2020. Sony has kept a lot of information from the public, but they have also given us a good amount of information to build up the hype for this new console.


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