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Is 5G worth the Hype?

Written By Naweed Masoud on April 24, 2020 | 6:43:00 pm

3 Telecom Giants Positioned To Drive The 5G Revolution
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           Last year 5G was introduced to the world and generated a great deal of excitement around it. People could not wait to get their hands on the fastest mobile speeds that would be available. However, although it was introduced last year, not many companies actually had 5G. AT&T had their own version of 5G, but it was not really true 5G. Verizon then became the first company to get their hands on 5G and it was available with the all new Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series as part of a partnership between the two. People were starting to really start showing interest in 5G and what its potential. 
          However, 5G did not come cheap. The Galaxy S10 Plus started at 850$ and if you wanted 5G with that phone you would have to cough up 1200$. The same went with the Note series as it recieved a 200$ upgrade for 5G. Samsung unveiled their line up for 2020 and one of the biggest complaints about this years top of the line Galaxy phone was the price. If you waned the S20 Ultra, it would cost you 1400$, and while the specs of the phone does have a say in the price, one of the reason why this phone was given this price point was because this year, Samsung had made 5G a mandatory option on all phones, making them more expensive automatically. Many people were not impressed by this decision from Samsung. The hype for 5G has now died down and now people are saying that 5G is not even worth it at this moment. 
           The main reasons are of course price, but even more important, is how new 5G is. 5G has just been unveiled and while you might be excited for it, you have to remember that it wont preform as great as it can. There is a lot of things that need to be worked on for 5G. It is perfect and requires a good deal of experimentation with it. That is why people are so skeptical on the price placed on 5G phones. Why pay so much more for a product that may not even work at full potential. People want to wait a few years, just at least until 5G has been developed a little more, that way they can justify spending that much money. 
           In short, 5G at the moment is not worth the price it is given, however, if we wait a few more years, we will be able to get more use out of a 5G that is better developed.


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