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OnePlus: the Beginning of Something New?

Written By Bryan Xahuentitla on April 17, 2020 | 3:21:00 pm

OnePlus 8 Pro - A proper flagship from OnePlus that can be purchased right under the $1000 mark.

The launch of the all new OnePlus 8 Pro has created multiple mixed opinions all over the tech community. While many are glad to see that OnePlus has stepped up and given premium specs to the latest device, others aren't as they have been losing their title of "flagship killer" since recent years

The OnePlus 8 Pro has become the latest and best flagship from OnePlus alongside the OnePlus 8 and the yet released OnePlus Z (8 Lite). The 8 Pro offers specs never seen before in a device that has come out of the OnePlus factory. These include:

  • the Qualcomm®️ Snapdragon™ 865 processor with 5G capability
  • up to 12 GB of LPDDR5 RAM
  • 30W fast wireless charging (with its own propriety wireless charger)
  • 120 Hz Fluid Display
  • a quad-camera setup: (48 MP main, 8 MP telephoto, 48 MP wide angle, 5 MP color filter)
  • a proper water rating of IP68

However, there is one major thing that sets this apart from the usual OnePlus devices: the price tag. Since the OnePlus One, OnePlus has sent the message that you can achieve high-end specs at a fraction of the high-end price. As an owner of the OnePlus 6, what made my purchase decision was the fact that I could achieve specs of phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S9+, iPhone X Max, for almost half the price. Now, the slogan of OnePlus has become "Fast and Smooth" represented by their RAM, fast charging speeds, and high refresh rate.

Now that the OnePlus 8 Pro is reaching a price point that creeps to flagship pricing with every release, it makes us question: why? Why did OnePlus do this? Well, quite a simple answer, and it's the cost to make a phone. Of course the parts don't add up to $999, but you have to consider assembly, quality control, packaging, shipping, and all the other costs that are involved when owning a business. It was also time for OnePlus to finally step-up and do what it needed to show itself that it does have what it takes to compete with high-end flagships. All other previous devices from OnePlus have always had something missing. Whether it be the camera quality, the lack of an IP rating, the lack of wireless charging, something was always missing in order to maintain a more accessible price point.

Of course OnePlus knew about this and was the reason why there are 3 phones from them to be released. The 8 Pro competes with the flagship market of Samsung, Apple, and Google, the 8 competes with the mid-high market of Samsung, Google, and LG, and the Z will deal with the high-budget market that will compete with phones such as the expected Google Pixel 4a (as well as the 3a) and the upcoming iPhone SE 2020.

So in the end, what does it mean for us, the consumer? Is OnePlus over the idea that you can't have high-end specs for a lower price? No. OnePlus has simply grown up. It has become a brand that is no longer in the unknown as it used to be. It wants to grow up and be known to the world as a brand that is more than capable to be alongside the flagship brands. The title of "flagship killer" no longer belongs to OnePlus but that's okay. They are now capable of creating devices at different price points and for different people. There is no one-phone-fits-all and OnePlus has recognized this now.


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