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Could LG G3 be the Top Android Seller for 2014

Written By Ed on May 01, 2014 | 10:10:00 am

With Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, and Xperia Z2 already available on the market, Android fans are waiting to see what LG G3 will offer. The launch date of 05/27/2014 has been confirmed in London and invitations have been sent out by LG. I read online a few pessimist articles that mentioned it might be too late for LG G3 to capitalize on the sale and market share.  We however, disagree, and here is why.

Every smart phone has some dedicated fans that would patiently wait for their favorite phones to launch, and LG G3 is no exception. LG G2 is a great phone launched by LG in 2013, and its fans loved it. In fact a lot of people who were disappointed by the Galaxy S5’s cheap plastic design and HTC One M8’s lack of camera upgrade are weighing their options.

If indeed LG G3 brings some solid upgrades and better design to please the Android fans, some Samsung fans might abandon the ship and jump on the LG’s band wagon. One thing  is for sure, Samsung has already dominated the Android market with many great flagships, and it is fair to say this trend will not change any time soon. But on the other hand, manufactures like LG and Sony have been gaining ground and scoring high on Samsung’s lack of ambition to design more elegant quality phones. After all Samsung’s Galaxy S4 users were not too thrilled by the launch of Galaxy S5. They consider the S5 a mere upgrade over Galaxy S4, and there will be a number of those folks that might consider buying the LG G3 as opposed to Galaxy S5. Consumers pay a lot of money for their smart phone devices, and in return they want smart phones with higher design quality and beefed up spec. Below are the rumored and leaked specs for the LG G3 

Processor:           2.3 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8974-AB processor
Display :              5.5" 2560X1440 
Memory:             3GB of RAM
Camera:              16 megapixle camera
Storage:              32GB of Internal storage (stocked)
Design:               Possibley same or better design than                                        G2

To conclude, lately LG has produced some exceptional smart phones on the market. Their G2 flagship was well received last year and there were millions who bought the G2 device. If the rumored specs for LG3 hold true, LG will sell even more G3 devices. If anything, LG might be in a better position to satisfy consumers who avoided buying the S5 and are waiting to get their hands on a phone with Quad HD display packed with 3GB or Ram. We firmly believe that LG will not disappoint (I hope not), and LG’s fans are eagerly awaiting for the next monstrous G3 to launch . The fact that Samsung, HTC, and Sony have already launched their devices for 2014, will not impact LG’s marketplace for 2014. All LG needs to do is deliver a handset that is superior to those of its competition that have been in the market in the last few week. Until May 27, drink some coffee, take some antacid, and set back with enthusiasm and anticipation.

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