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iPhone 6 thin pictures and beefy specs emerge

Written By Unknown on April 29, 2014 | 10:40:00 am

Apple is really good about keeping the engineering behind its products a secrete until the release date. Numerous pictures however have surfaced on the web showing Apple’s next iPhone flagship (iPhone 6) to be as thin as it’s iPod Touch which is about 6.1mm thick.  There has been much speculation about the specs of Apple’s next iPhone hardware. Let’s face it, Apple has produced some nice devices in the last few years , but the last few iPhone releases have been more of evolution  and an upgrade over its predecessors.  One of my favorite lines by Steve Job is “Don’t ask consumers what they want, you should give it to them”. We would love to see if Apple can capitalize on this notion and surprise us. The question is can Apple deliver? We hope to see if the rumors below come to reality

Faster Processor

While we entertain rumors about iPhone 6, one is for sure that iPhone 6 will have a faster processor Quad-Core A8 Processor. Apple is the first manufactures to include the 64bit processor on its previous generation iPhone device.

Bigger Display

There are many prototypes and rumors floating around. The business insider has suggested that one has a giant Retina+ IGZO display with no home button. If true, this is will be a design departure from the previous iPhones that were produced by Apple.
It is also rumored that iPhone 6 will come in two sizes: A 4.7 inch display and a much larger 5.5 inch display. This would put Apple in a great position to  compete with the bigger size Android smart phones and Phablets  that have dominated the smart phone market. Apple’s next generation iPhone 6 might include a full HD Display resolution of 1920X1080. However, we would like to see if Apple surprise us with a Quad HD Display resolution.

Gesture Control

Apple might incorporate more gesture controls in its next iPhone release. Over the last couple of years, consumers have welcomed the addition of gesture controls on the smart phone devices. Gesture control gives more flexibility and agility for the users to control their smart phone device, and gives users the ability  to communicate with their device with minimal effort.

More RAM

Apple has been criticized in the past for not providing their smart phones with more memory to handle more power hungry applications and games. On its defense Apple has advocated that 1GB of Ram is sufficient to host many applications and games that are available on Apple Store. Apple’s next  generation iPhone device  may come equipped with 2GB of Ram. Honestly this is one of easiest upgrades that Apple can provide to keep its fans happy.

A much thiner with almost no bezel iPhone 6 (rumored)

Although the internet has been bombarded with rumors and concept images of iPhone 6, but we believe Apple will deliver something more competitive and robust in their next iPhone release. The Android devices have been revolutionized and matured in the last few years, and this has caused Apple to lose some of its fans  to shift to Android phones and Apple has realized it. Now it is time for Apple to step up to fill in Steve Job’s shoe,  and take back the lead and challenge the Android manufactures. The ball is in Apple’s court.


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