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Does Infrared LED Light Therapy Really Work to Cure Acne, Skin Cancer, and Wrinkles

Written By Unknown on August 18, 2014 | 11:45:00 am

By Arriana Vall

Most people develop acne at the early teen age, and some people develop acne even in their adult age. While some acne symptoms go away after late teen years, some people may suffer from adult cystic acne even in the adult age.  Another discomfort we experience as we get older is developing skin wrinkles  around the eyes, face,  and neck. These are the skin imperfections that consumers spend billions of dollars in treatments and purchasing devices that may help cure or reduce these skin problems. Years ago the cure for acne was available only in form of medication, and for wrinkles there was the good old plastic surgery.

Today there are other options available, and one of which is skin repairing LED devices that emit light in the form of diode which penetrates deep into the skin and recharges the collagen producing cells. This treatment claims to reduce wrinkles and result in firmer skin. It also kills the acne producing bacteria.   People who have used the technology to treat acne have seen some positive results. But does it really work? Is it safe to use?

We travelled around different dermatology clinics that provide clinical-based machine treatment for acne and facial skin wrinkle around southern California, and we gathered some anonymous surveys and the results were astonishing.

90% of the people who had skin wrinkle treatment were satisfied with the results.
84% of the people who had skin acne treatment said their acne had gone away or improved.
54% of the people said the treatment reduced the reproduction of their acne.

Obviously they received treatment from professional dermatologists who invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on their laboratory machines and equipment.  In professional clinics, one session may cost as much as $100-$120 which can get very costly for a full course treatment of 12-15 sessions. But what about at home Infrared LED Light Therapy Skin Care Treatment?
Currently,  there are a number of Infrared LED Light Therapy products available on line or at the stores, and many of them have had mixed to positive reviews. On average these devices have had some positive reviews, and many consumers have indicated that using these devices on a regular and continual bases reduced their acne and skin wrinkles.  However, some users have reported that after stopping the usage of these products for a period of 2 weeks or more, the acne problem resurfaced, but the pores got smaller.

When we looked through many on line reviews and survey, the results proved to be favourable, and many people are satisfied with the result of Infrared LED Light Therapy. What we also gathered is the side effects are far few. Some people have shown allergic reaction upon the initial usage(blisters and skin burns or redness).

The on line prices range from $50-$499 which is significantly cheaper than going to a professional clinic. The result from using these products varies by manufacturer, but for the most part most these Infrared LED Light devices provide the same treatment. When we looked at reviews and surveys, surprisingly some of the cheaper brands had the same or more positive and favourable reviews than some of the more expensive brands.

In conclusion, the  Infrared LED Light Therapy is safer than any laser treatment. In fact, people have experienced more side effect and allergic reactions to medications than these devices. While anti-wrinkle cream products  prove less effective  80% of the time,  the LED Light treatment devices  may have the technological advantage for curing acne and wrinkles. If you are suffering from these skin imperfections, it is worth considering these little miracle LED devices.


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