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How to download pictures from Samsung Galaxy S5

Written By Ed on July 23, 2014 | 8:58:00 am

The Samsung Galaxy S5 provides a convenient and easy method to connect to your PC and transfer your pictures to your PC via USB 3.0. To transfer your pictures from your phone device  to your PC, please follow the following Steps:

1) Connect your phone's USB charger cable (included with your phone) to your PC, and then connect the other end to your phone.

2) Once connected, bring up your notification screen and tap on the "Connected as a media device". See Figure 1. below.
                                                           Figure 1

3) Once you tap on Connected as a Media Device you will see the following screen. Figure 2.
                                                           Figure 2
4) Now go to your PC and bring up file explorer (assuming you are using Windows Operating System), and you should see a device connected to the left pane of the file explorer see Figure 3 below.

                                          Figure 3 (using Window 8)

5) If you have an external storage card installed on your phone you will see two icons/folder (card and phone). Please note if you use other Windows operating system, these icons/folders may show as separate drive letters, for example E: or F: depending what drive mapping is available on your system.

6) If you have an external storage card installed on your phone, then your pictures might be stored on the card, therefore, double click on the Card icon and you will see a folder called DCMI. Expand this folder. If you don't have an external storage card installed, then  click on the phone icon and then chose DCMI folder and your pictures are stored under the Camera folder.

7) Your pictures will be stored in the Camera folder. Double click on this folder and now you can select your pictures and copy them to your desired location in you PC.


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