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Why a Business Should Consider Selling Online

Written By Admin on May 22, 2014 | 12:53:00 am

Why a Business Should Consider Selling Online

If you have something to sell, be it a product or service, the chance is that it could easily be sold online. Many businesses feel that their product or service is something that can only really be sold via direct selling in person. More often than not however, this really isn’t the case. Many service providers especially seem to be of this opinion. However, by ignoring the opportunity of selling online, your business could be missing out on many sales and leads. There are many benefits to selling online, which in turn serve as the reasons why you should do so. 

You can get your business setup to sell online literally in minutes. We recommend IPower hosting or HostMetro hosting as the best basic hosting packages available in 2014. But before you do that consider the following possible benefits.

Quick Booking
Do you offer services such as car servicing, I.T. maintenance or courier delivery? If so, the ability to book the service online can prove really attractive to potential customers. If someone is working during the day, and indeed during your opening hours, they may only have time on their lunch break to call and try to order or book an appointment. If they can’t get through, they could just give up and move onto the next business; hence you would be losing out on a potential sale. If you offer a booking service online, you are offering people the chance to purchase your service 24/7. You can in turn, enjoy increased potential revenue.

Offer Demos
You may feel that your product or service is something that can only really be explained and sold in person. However you can use your website to offer demos or samples of your product to those interested which in turn can be followed up by a purchase or a call to the recipient. If you offer a type of software, perhaps offer a free download so that people can trial it. If you offer personal training services, provide free downloadable sample meal plans and nutritional plans to interest people in your services. If you sell a new beauty product, you can offer free samples to be posted out to those interested. If someone can try something out first, they are more likely to purchase. 

Fulfil a Need or Requirement
You may operate a small toy store or shoe store and feel you cannot compete with huge brands such as Toy ‘R’ Us or Schuh. However, your small store could offer a product that people cannot get elsewhere. A favourite example of mine are these cool pants from Thailand that my girl loves from BambooharemPants You may stock a certain toy or model of shoe that cannot be found in any of the major stores. By selling online, your small store could open itself up to a nationwide audience. Just because your top products in store are widely available online doesn’t mean that there isn’t a market that are desperately searching for some of your weaker selling products in store. Why allow stock to occupy space when it could be getting packed and sent off to paying customers across the country.

Therein lays three huge reasons why your business should be selling online. Don’t ever completely dismiss the idea as a non-runner as you could then potentially be missing out on several viable sales for your business.


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