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Unforgettable Five Trends From CES'14

Written By Admin on January 09, 2014 | 1:33:00 pm

Unforgettable Five Trends From CES'14
#1 Curved Ultra HD TV
     The leading TV maker LG n Samsung both unveils their gaint HD TV's at Los Vegas.Samsung plans to launch 105-Inch TV in US same year.There is race between these two TV titans.

#2 Wearable devices
      The year 2014 will be year of wearable devices.The latest wearable products from CES like Razor Nabu, Pepple Steel, MetaWatch, Vivofit, Sony Core are some of them.

#3 The Next Generation Car
      The new cars powered by latest connectivity options such as 4G,GPS ,Some cars runs on direct sunlight while some cars controlled by your smarphone or tablet.

#4 Home Items Smartified
      The last year trend continues in CES'14.All the home items starts from simple toothbrush also gets smarter or some light bulbs can be switched of by using your smartphone anywhere anytime to save energy

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// Hot New Gadgets of CES 2014 at Los Vegas - Source: YouTube

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